Honors Open House TODAY!!!

Come by and enjoy some food and fun with the honors community- TODAY from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

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Honors Component Workshop!


There will be a mandatory information workshop for any sophomore, junior or senior who wishes to submit an honors component proposal for the fall semester on Wednesday, September 11th from 3:30pm – 4:30 in Sullivan 201.  The deadline to submit your proposal is Friday, September 20th, so please attend this workshop if you are interested in submitting a proposal this semester.
This workshop will cover goals and requirements for a successful proposal, as well as some of the best proposals from previous years. Students who have previously submitted a proposal are not required to attend.
Come to the Honors Office if you have any questions or concerns.

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Spot by the Honors Office in Sullivan 101 on Monday September 9 between 1:00pm-4:00pm

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Welcome Back Students!

The View from 101

Incredible!  That’s the only word for the big, big entering Honors freshman class.  We are delighted to welcome 66 members of the Class of 2017.  That’s a 50% increase over the Class of 2016’s 44.  These first-years come from across New England (of course), but also represent New York, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, and California.  Even more diverse are their interests and accomplishments.  Merrimack faculty have come to expect great things from students in the Program.  I don’t think they’ll be disappointed with these stand-out new members.

Another welcome goes to the six outstanding sophomores who are joining Merrimack Honors after a strong first year at the College.  Please be sure to say Hi when you run into them in the Honors office and study lounge.

Finally, two welcome backs.  First, welcome back to the dozen or so honors students who studied abroad in the spring or summer.  You are back from France, Italy, Germany, and England, with great stories and memories and several thousand dazzling photos.  Last but in no way least, welcome back to the approximate 100 continuing Honors students—our sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  You’ve made Honors a Merrimack signature program, and we look forward to more outstanding contributions in the coming year.

-Dr. B

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Were you RAK’ed?!

Although kindness is an act that should be practiced and carried out daily, February 11th-17th was Random Acts of Kindness Week. Across the nation, many other students like ourselves made the extra effort to promote random acts of kindness. As an Honors Student Council however, an entire week of festivities was carefully planned to spread random acts of kindness across our Merrimack Campus.  All events were published and announced in the Daily Digest so that the wider community, outside of the Honors Program , was welcomed to participate.

On Monday of that week “Take What You Need” and “Compliment” pull-tab flyer’s we put up to kick off the week. On both Tuesday and Thursday, council members volunteered to table on Main Street during lunch and dinner. While tabling, raffle tickets to win $10 Friendly’s vouchers were sold along with free candy and kindness coins. Congratulations again to our winners Rita, Richard and Miranda, and thank you for contributing to our efforts! The proceeds of the raffle are being donated to the Easter Seals Foundation.  Our most exciting and fruitful even was our clothespins comments on Wednesday. RAKing students around campus caught on quickly with some pins saying things like “I like your hair” and “Call Me Maybe”.  Students were definitely not shy about publicizing the fact that they had been RAK’ed across all forms of social media. This expression of excitement and acknowledgement was a great thing to see. Throughout the day, many of us on the RAK committee were quick to e-mail and text each other about any pictures we had seen or even taken, being put up on social media. It was extremely rewarding to see all of our hard work being appreciated. As a HSC RAK Committee, one of our main phrases throughout the week was to “Pass it On”! Hopefully, we made enough of an impact to promote awareness and encourage others to pay it forward!

As a follow up, the HSC recently had our weekly meeting to reflect communally on RAK Week. Together we discussed areas of success and areas for improvement. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the results! Still, in continuously striving to achieve, we also put forward alternative thoughts and ideas to make next year even bigger and better! We all look forward to it and hope you do too!

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who did spread the kindness and made our week such a success. In being such a small school community, I feel that this was just another great way to bring us all even closer together and not only spread kindness between each other but outside of the Merrimack community as well.

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Random Acts of Kindness

February 11-17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week! Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week, is a nationally celebrated event sponsored by the non-profit organization, the Random Act of Kindness Foundation. Their goal is to have people across the country perform acts of kindness for strangers and people in their community, as well as to empower others to do the same. For instance, some past actions that people have completed during this week are to give care packages to the homeless, clean up graffiti, mentor an at risk teen or child, and donate used clothes or books to those in need. It can even be as simple as smiling at someone or giving someone a compliment! As an honors program, we hope to promote random acts of kindness campus-wide throughout the month of February. Even if we simply hold the door open for a peer, every little act makes a difference!

Get involved during Random Acts of Kindness Week and watch for our events!

            Monday 2/11 – Look for a free compliment around the academic buildings, library, and SAK

            Tuesday 2/12- Look for us at dinner passing out a treat for everyone!

            Wednesday 2/13- Find a clothespin and pass one on to a friend or stranger!

            Thursday 2/14- Look for us on Main Street! You can send a message to a friend to let them know you are thinking of them!

            Friday 2/15- We will be leaving messages for your friends!

 We want you to pledge to do a Random Act of Kindness!   Visit the Honors Lounge and share your RAK on the bulletin board starting in February!

Written by: Amanda Engdahl

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Study Abroad Info Session

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Honors Component

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Welcome Back!

Wishing everyone a happy first day of second semester!

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Welcome Back!

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In The Company of Friends

I found all kinds of joy when I was in the company of friends -talking, laughing and being kind to each other- reading engaging books together- going from the lightest joking to the talking of the deepest things and back gain. -St. Augustine, Confessions



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